StarSeeds is dedicated to creating a brighter future for our world, one child at a time. 

In creating this school, StarSeeds founders hope to encourage children to develop into self-confident, creative young individuals with a strong sense of community.  

StarSeeds teachers interweave developmentally appropriate curriculum based on the Piagetian and Reggio Emilia Theories. These theories will be integrated with what the founders call conscious education.  The goals of conscious education include teaching children self-awareness, awareness of others, and awareness of the “environment”.  Play is a child’s job so play is our canvas to explore and create with.

In the classroom StarSeeds teachers weave conscious education into a variety of activities, such as yoga, cultural education, recycling and sustainability, cooking, science, creative exploration through movement arts, such as dance and parachute play, and a plethora of art projects. These activities will promote the child’s’ emotional, social, physical, acetic, artistic, and intellectual growth. Our curriculum promotes developmentally appropriate practices. Our student directed environment helps children learn and thrive through Play.

StarSeeds students have the opportunity to learn creative expression, respect for themselves, and respect for others. Students learn to appreciate and to honor their differences as well as their similarities so they may foster a strong sense of connection with the world around them.