“My son went to Starseeds from the week he turned 2 years old until he was 3.5 years old. A move took us to a new school, and I realize now more than ever how very extraordinary our experience at Starseeds was and how fortunate I was to have that be my son’s first school experience. The small, individualized setting provided the perfect foundation to help him learn to take risks and learn new things in a safe, nurturing environment where he was encouraged to be both a leader and supporter of his fellow classmates. His strengths were celebrated, and his challenges were addressed in an engaging, thoughtful way. I watched my son grow by leaps and bounds. Most of all, he had so much fun!

Starseeds is so much more than a preschool It is also a wonderful community that promotes our children’s education and healthy development — both here at school and also through the teachers’ inspiring work with the non-profit Leela International. It was very fulfilling to be exposed to such a unique program where the same wonderful teachers that benefit my child also share their talent with children in other communities in developing countries.

Kendra and Trisha are great communicators and were very responsive to any questions I had along the way. I completely trust their instincts and teaching philosophy. They are kind, loving, smart, compassionate women. I truly respect them as professionals and value their friendship. We still keep in close touch with many of the families and children that my son made friends with. What a special place!” Laura, Noe Valley

“We truly appreciate the fact that the curriculum incorporated a variety of learnings . . . music, various other cultures, arts/crafts, yoga, food and most of all . . . the interaction of her peers. We can’t even begin to recount the number of times we heard our daughter say something totally brand new (and kind of off the wall . . . in a good way!), and when we asked her where did she learn that, she would respond by saying “Ms. Trish” or “Ms. Kendra”. We were always very comfortable with the lessons you taught the students there.” Dale, SOMA

“My son has attended StarSeeds for the last five months. He woke every day excited to go to school. The two founders of the preschool are bright, energetic people who care deeply for the children they teach. Its a small, a perfect option for someone looking to get started on their child’s education through interactive play and learning.” Leah, SOMA

“We highly recommend StarSeeds if you are looking for a warm, joyful learning environment for your 2+ y/o child. Our son joined shortly after his 2nd birthday, and absolutely loves everything about StarSeeds – his classmates, teachers, and the fun learning that takes place every day. The founders of the school are the teachers – they are so friendly, creative, and passionate about working with young kids and ensuring their positive growth. In addition to taking daily trips to the park with the kids and engaging them in yoga, dancing, and singing, there are frequent art projects and reading times. There is a great family-school partnership, and many parents come in as visiting experts to share their unique knowledge with the kids. We’ve been so happy to have our son there, and would encourage you to check out the community that’s been built at Starseeds.” Wendy, SOMA